The advantages of Superior Mark floor tape

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to pay particular attention to the organization of your warehouse or business premises. Everything has to be in the right place in order to maximize productivity and minimize the time spent looking for specific products. The high-end floor tape sold by Easy Marking can be a welcome aid in this process. However, you might be wondering how our brand, Superior Mark, compares to competitors like Durastripe en Mighty Line. That’s why we have taken the time to make an overview of the differences between these brands. Let’s take a look.

Patented adhesive system

One of the biggest advantages of Superior Mark floor tape in comparison to the products of the competition, is the patented adhesive system. Whereas Durastripe and Mighty Line mostly use double-sided tape to secure their products, Superior Mark floor tape is equipped with a self-adhesive glue layer. The advantages of this will become especially apparent when you decide to remove the tape. Since the self-adhesive glue layer means no less than 99% of the glue will stick to the tape after removal, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the floor afterwards. The same cannot be said for the products sold by Durastripe and Mighty Line.

Easy to fix

Another way in which Superior Mark has outsmarted the competition, is by making sure the floor tape can be fixed after being damaged. Take for example a situation in which you accidentally damage part of the tape. In the case of Durastripe or Mighty Line floor tape, this would mean the whole line would come off, resulting in you having to redo the entire application process. Superior Mark has taken a different approach to this problem. With their products, a small part of the tape will be ripped off. As a result, you can easily fill it up with a new piece of tape. Now you can fix the problem in a matter of minutes instead of days.


In short, Superior Mark has many advantages when you compare their products to those of the competition. The floor tape is easily applicable and removable thanks to the self-adhesive glue layer. On top of that, damaged parts can be fixed in no time. And all that for an excellent price. Sounds good, right?


Easy Marking offers paint-free safety solutions for business premises and warehouses. Our extensive collection of products includes borders and corner markings, carpet tape, text tape, pre-cut kits and traditional floor marking tapes. Our patented technology incorporates the ultra-strong adhesive layer into the tape to make it truck and pallet resistant.

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