How often do you need to replace your floor tapes and signs?


The measures around COVID-19 keep almost all companies on their toes. While in the beginning you certainly had to react quickly to adapt to the new regulations and requirements, it is now foreseeable that many measures will remain longer-term, if not permanently.

How often do you want to replace your floor markings?

Superior Mark tape has a patented beveled edge design, a patented recessed adhesive and a cohesive one layer design. Therefore it is made to last on your floor. No need to reapply every other week.

Why Superior Mark?

What makes the Superior Mark tape so special and durable? The tape has a patented beveled edge design, a patented recessed adhesive, a cohesive one layer design and an overhang release liner. Therefore we have a unique product.


Do you need a customized sign or tape?

We offer individual solutions and prints. Please contact us and we will make sure you get the design you need. Don’t hesitate to test it out and get your free sample now.