The advantages of signage on the floor

To optimize the organization of your building and to make sure everyone can easily find the item they need, floor signage is the way to go. The biggest advantage of symbols on the floor as opposed to actual signs, is the fact that they don’t take up any space. Since normal signs always have to be at eye level, they are often put in impractical places. You might hang them on the wall, but that way they get overlooked quite easily. Using floor signage solves these problems.

The Superior Mark floor symbols can be used on virtually every surface. They are resistant to heavy traffic and thanks to the glossy finish, they are also easy to clean. In addition that, the self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive glue layer means you can apply and remove them within minutes. Also, the stickers are low-cost and can be bought in bulk.

How to use our floor symbols?

Using floor tape to lead the way in buildings is certainly not a new concept. Especially in hospitals, people have been applying this solution for years. Here, they use arrows or footprints with specific colours linked to specific departments or routes for visitors to follow. If necessary, the symbols can be clarified with printed pictograms or texts.

The floor symbols offered by Easy Marking can also be used to show the way to the emergency exit. Complementing this with the emergency exit stickers will guarantee that everyone can leave the building safely and quickly in the case of an emergency.

One last way in which our floor signage is often applied, is to make sure aisles in warehouses get used as intended. Since warehouses are always busy with both pedestrian traffic and forklifts, it is important to clearly indicate who should use which aisles. This is not only crucial in guaranteeing everyone´s safety, but also helps optimizing the logistic organization. There are different Easy Marking products you can use to achieve this, such as the footprints or arrows mentioned before. To further optimize the system, you can add markings on the floor showing which aisles are not accessible for either pedestrians or forklifts. This ensures there can be no misunderstandings about who is supposed to go where.

Design your own floor signage!

Would you like to use our floor signage, but is the sign you need not available in our shop? No problem! Easy Marking offers everyone the possibility to create their own signage. You can use our easy online tool to choose the size, content and colour of your liking. Done? Then we will get to work on creating your personalized stickers. The final product will be send to you as soon as possible.


Easy Marking offers paint-free safety solutions for business premises and warehouses. Our extensive collection of products includes borders and corner markings, carpet tape, text tape, pre-cut kits and traditional floor marking tapes. Our patented technology incorporates the ultra-strong adhesive layer into the tape to make it truck and pallet resistant.

Our floor symbols