Enjoy the advantages of Superior Mark floor tape

Easy Marking is the ideal place to buy strong and low-cost Superior Mark floor tape. This tape is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and is often used in warehouses and store aisles. Thanks to the rounded corners and glossy finish, pallets, forklifts and other traffic are no match for the tape. In addition to that, it has a self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive glue layer that makes for quick application and removal. As such, there´s no easier way to always keep your logistic organization up-to-date.

How to use it

The rolls of Superior Mark floor tape are very convenient to use in the application of the famous 5S method. This method is aimed at organizing your logistic system by producing maximal added value through minimal effort. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we’ve made an overview of the different ways in which our customers have used our products to upgrade their 5S lineation.

  • One of the ways in which you can use the Superior Mark floor tape, is as demarcation of the storage areas in your warehouse. For example, by using the tape to indicate where certain pallets should be stored, you prevent them from being put away in random places. You can upgrade this system by colour coding the storage areas. In that case, yellow could mean the pallet just got delivered and green that it’s ready for transport.
  • This technique can also be applied to shelve organization. Mark the floor in front of the shelve with a certain colour floor tape, so you can easily see which product category can be found there. This is a simple way to make sure your employees don´t waste precious time looking for items.
  • In addition to the tape, Easy Marking also sells symbols, such as arrows, footprints and crosses. These are often used in aisles to lead people in the right direction or show them where certain products can be found.

Design your own floor tape!

Are you interested in our floor tape, but are there requirements that haven’t quite been met? Don’t worry! Easy Marking offers the possibility to design your own tape. Using our online tool you can choose everything from the colour, text, logo or pictogram to be printed on the tape. We´ll make sure the personalized tape gets delivered to you as soon as possible.


Easy Marking offers paint-free safety solutions for business premises and warehouses. Our extensive collection of products includes borders and corner markings, carpet tape, text tape, pre-cut kits and traditional floor marking tapes. Our patented technology incorporates the ultra-strong adhesive layer into the tape to make it truck and pallet resistant.


Are you interested in our products or wondering which product is best suited to your specific 5S needs? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a free sample!

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