Use the Easy Marking warning, prohibitory or mandatory floor signs

To ensure the safety of both your visitors and your employees, it’s a good idea to clearly state the rules to be followed and to indicate what people should look out for. Of course, you can do this by putting up signs. The problem with these, however, is that they take up a lot of space. That’s why we’d like to show you the advantages of our warning, prohibitory and mandatory floor signs.

The Easy Marking floor symbols are of the highest possible quality. You can use them on all kinds of surfaces and thanks to the high adhesive strength, application only takes a few minutes. The stickers are designed in such a way that they can withstand heavy traffic. As such, moving pallets or big forklifts driving over them don’t cause any problems. The biggest advantage of the Easy Marking floor symbols, however, is the fact that they don’t take up any space. You can stick them wherever you want, without having to worry about blocking paths or having to move them all the time. Perfect, right?

How to use our floor symbols?

Easy Marking offers three different categories of floor symbols. We’ll shortly discuss each of them below.

Mandatory signs

These signs impose an obligation on the reader. For example, in a workshop this could be the obligation to use personal protective equipment, like hearing protection, safety goggles or footwear with steel toecaps.

Prohibitory signs

Prohibitory signs are used for the exact opposite: they tell the reader what they aren’t supposed to do. Examples of prohibitory signs you can order at Easy Marking are: symbols that prohibit you from eating or drinking, access restriction signs or no smoking signs.

Warning signs

This last category of signs doesn’t impose an obligation, but indicates that certain dangers should be taken into consideration. An example might be a sign warning you about a wet floor or the presence of flammable substances.

Design your own sign

Despite the wide range of Easy Marking warning, prohibitory and mandatory signs, it is possible that the specific sign you’re looking for isn’t currently available. In that case you can always use our online customizer. With this tool, you can design your own sign. Choose the size, colour and pictogram to be printed on the tape and send us the completed design. We’ll produce the sticker according to your wishes and send it to you as soon as possible.


Easy Marking offers paint-free safety solutions for business premises and warehouses. Our extensive collection of products includes borders and corner markings, carpet tape, text tape, pre-cut kits and traditional floor marking tapes. Our patented technology incorporates the ultra-strong adhesive layer into the tape to make it truck and pallet resistant.


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